Lisa Smet

” This award was very important to us because it arouses curiosity and is therefore an ideal way to attract new consumers.”

Lisa Smet
Senior brand manager Nutellla
René Edelenbosch

” The facial care category is characterized by a large number of brands and different types. It is not an easy choice for the consumer. Olay offers a simple solution to achieve younger looking skin. We can emphasize this even more easily using the Voted Product of the Year logo.”

René Edelenbosch
Senior Associate Brand Manager Skin & Personal Care at Procter & Gamble

“P.O.Y. China helps Chinese consumers to find the right products. It can also help the FMCG industry to figure out the direction of innovation.”

Emma Bai

“For a start-up company like ours, winning P.O.Y. Award is very helpful in brand endorsement.”

Hardy Liu
CEO of White Horse Light Years

“Product of the Year is a very transparent and credible award. It doesn’t only bring good endorsements to the brand, but also becomes a benchmark for the industry innovation.”

Michelle Zhuang
Global Brand Director of Dove
Julie Qiu

“POY is a very good award as it is from the consumers. It represents consumers’ voice. It can give guidance to brands during their innovation process.”

Julie Qiu
Senior Brand Manager | Oral Category

“P.O.Y. is important for the consumers. It helps them to understand the concept of a new product, and make a right choice during their purchasing.”

Adolphus Lek
Managing Director of Frosch China Agent
Amy Chen

“We have received many awards, but most of them are decided by the experts or the media. The uniqueness of P.O.Y. is that this award is voted by consumers.”

Amy Chen
CMO, Snacks Category | Greater China Region at PepsiCo
Techo Gan

“In the future, we will create more interesting and consumer-centered products. Lay’s is not only a piece of chip, but also the happiness we bring to the consumers.”

Techo Gan
Marketing Manger of Lay's

“We have won many awards in the field of consuming electronics, mostly from IT and technology media. But P.O.Y. is different, it is a prize voted by the consumers, it means a lot to us.”

Whisper Chen
Product Director of Huawei Honor

“We are pleased to see this good-looking and cost-effective product win the P.O.Y. award. We will continue to create more good products for consumers in the field of home health care.”

Shiliang Wang
MI-Jiuan District Manager

“We appreciate very much consumers’ support and love to Heineken. In the future, we will create better products for our consumers.”

Haotian Zhou
Brand Manager of Heineken